Ronald Walicki Ministries

Has been actively preaching the Gospel in Mexico for more than twenty four years. Throughout more than two decades of ministry, thousands of people have been born-again, set free from demonic powers, healed from all kinds of sickness and disease.

Sharing the word of Jesus

To share Jesus wherever we may be. If it's on the backside of a mountain or in the largest city in the world, we want to be there to share the Gospel. The opportunities are endless!

Working beside native brethren

Allows us to reach new villages and towns that are devoid of the Gospel. We have found it to be a very successful combination. Planting churches in rural areas has given us tremendous credibility and opportunities with the Mexican people. The result--we have many open doors to minister.

Planting churches

Working in rural areas as well as in the cities, we have been instrumental in teaching and training local pastors and lay people in the Word of God and in practical ministry. As a result, churches and missions are governed by their own local pastors and leaders, making them self-sufficient.

Always Going Beyond